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Unintended Consequences Of The Sales Process Is Often Hard To See

buying journey sales process youtube Aug 01, 2021

For startups and B2B businesses with long sales cycles, it can be hard to see how behaviours or actions in the sales cycle can have ramifications later on in the relationship with the client.

Moreover, it also takes a long time to see the benefits of changed actions while they work their way through the sales process.

One of the best clients I bought through the sales market fit process was a New Zealand large government organisation a couple of years ago.

During our engagement, I helped them to a buying decision and through a tender process in less than 12 months.

Because I spent time defining their business problems, both with direct and indirect costs, we were able to win the deal without negotiating monthly recurring revenue (more than $35k per month on a 5-year term).

I was so proud of this deal....but I made an unknown error that had unintentional consequences for projects later on...

My error was we never spoke more about business process outcomes, especially we didn't measure the current state of their business to demonstrate outcomes and get away from a lack of features a startup has compared to the competition had.

This caused challenges for projects during implementation as the future users of the software understandably tended to focus on features more as they were going to use the platform regularly.

Since learning of that unintended consequence, I began implementing a business process matrix mapping exercise to better measure qualitative impacts of business processes in terms of risk to clearly demonstrate business outcomes from day 1 of Go-Live.


I recommend constantly asking yourself, what could be some of the unintended consequences you might be creating in your sales process...

It's those companies that recognise this early and continuously improve that will experience accelerated growth over time.

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