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How To Get More Than A 50% Response Rate From B2B Cold Email Outreach

lead generation youtube Aug 08, 2021

Finding leads and applying a consistent strategy to ensure a steady stream of potential clients entering an organisation's pipeline is critical for success. 

Cold email outreach is a common way to immediately begin adding leads into a pipeline. 

How good you and your team are at this has a direct effect on how the success of your business. 

It is well documented online the average response rate for B2B cold email outreach can range between 1% & 20%.

A contributing factor to such a low success rate can be attributed to the difficulty of finding the right person inside a large company.

Because there is no standard role naming convention in our target markets, it's not always clear who would be responsible for buying what we are selling, particularly if our value spreads across multiple divisions.  

A common remedy to low response rates for many sales teams is to increase the amount of cold outreach per week to get more leads.

But this is a mistake and you might not be finding all the opportunities available to your business and churning through your target clients unnecessarily!!!!

In this video, I share with you how I approach lead generation in terms of an organisation and target multiple people within a business with a considered approach to start a conversation.

In this video, my response rate was 80%, and walk through my approach you can start implementing today. 

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